PRP Stack

All three Auxology Labs products in one stack!

    Here is how it works. Your PRP is your prefect ratio of preworkout. Three compounds means three numbers. Auxology Labs baseline for PRP is 1-1-1. This means that it is 1 scoop of RUSH, 1 scoop of HYPE, 1 scoop of BURN. This is where YOU take control and your PRP is born.  After taking the baseline you make a note of what you liked and did not like. From there you should be able to adjust your dose with each compound by adding or subtracting as much or as little as you desire. If more energy is needed then a PRP of 1-2-1 may suffice. If you need a little more energy but really liked the skin tingling urge to keep going then a PRP of 1-2-2 is probably the answer. And at any time you want to back down on any of these that is your choice.

    There are hundreds of combinations to our PRP system. It's up to YOU to figure out what you like and use our pre-workout system to achieve the goals you want.

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