RUSH is the PUMP product that really gets the blood flowing.*** It's designed to work with your body to allow better blood flow, higher nitric oxide production and increase oxygen delivery which results in better muscle pumps and reduced muscle fatigue to help you work out longer and harder. ***With 40 servings per bottle at a maximum 1 scoop per dose, that gives you 2 months of Rush at 5 days a week.
  • RUSH | Nitric Oxide Potentiator***

    Rush, the best ingredients for that ultimate pump! 1 scoop is all that is needed! Notice the serving size... compare this product to the preworkout you're currently taking. Now ask how can my preworkout have the right doses of ingredients in it when it's a smaller dose then this? And remember this product doesn't contain caffeine, beta alanine, or creatine like your current preworkout. Only the essentials to get that crazy pump!

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